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EK513 Plaster Mold - Ceramic Casting Mold Crystal Bowl 10.5x6.5 cm

EK513 Plaster Mold - Ceramic Casting Mold Crystal Bowl 10.5x6.5 cm


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EK513 Plaster Mold - Ceramic Casting Mold Crystal Bowl Plate 12x5 cm

Model: Plate - Bowl

Diameter: 12cm (4.72 inches)

Height: 5cm (1.97 inches)


With the ceramic casting mold, you can easily create your own forms. The resulting pieces from the mold can be engraved, sgraffitoed, have handles added, have holes drilled (pierced), undergo deformation (creating spouts, indentations, cuts, etc.), have letter impressions, and similar processes. Using a mold is a practical way to produce unique forms in a serial manner.

In Eti Sanat ceramic casting molds, only mold plaster is used. Mold plasters are much more durable than those made with gypsum plaster. They allow for faster casting removal, provide a smoother surface, and dry more quickly.

Note: The dimensions provided are the inner measurements of the mold. Consider that the dimensions of the piece will shrink during drying and firing. For mold requirements with intermediate sizes, please contact us.

Usage information: Pour the liquid casting slip of appropriate consistency into the mold. When it reaches the desired thickness, empty the excess liquid from the mold. Wait until the remaining clay in the mold, which has taken the shape of the mold, reaches the desired firmness to be removed from the mold (this time can vary depending on the type of clay, weather conditions, and frequency of mold use). Use a trimming knife to remove any excess clay at the mouth of the mold and remove the piece from the mold by hand. After reaching the leather-hard stage, various processes such as trimming, glazing, adding handles, decorating, and others can be performed.

Maintenance of the mold: After use, clean the mold with a dry sponge. If possible, let it dry in the sun or in an open area. Rapid drying in an oven, on a stove, or in a similar manner can decrease the mold's lifespan and quality.


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