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Plaster Mold Conical Cup Small Size
It is a ceramic casting mold. It is used to produce with liquid casting sludge.
  • Model: Conical Cup
  • Height: 7cm
  • Depth: 7 cm
Volume: 130 ml (It is the approximate volume of a biscuit poured with ceramic casting mud and baked at 1040C. The volume may decrease depending on variables such as mud type and firing degree.)

Thanks to the ceramic casting mold, you can easily create your own forms. You can perform scraping, lined scraping (sgraffito), adding handles, opening holes (openwork), deformation (combing, shearing, cutting, etc.), letter printing and similar operations on the works that come out of the mold. Using molds is a practical way to mass-produce original forms.

Mold plaster is used completely in Eti Sanat ceramic casting molds. It is not recommended even if molds can be prepared with plaster of plasterboard upon request. Molds made of papier-mâché plaster have a short lifespan, more faults, and difficult to retouch after use.

Note: Mold inner dimensions are given. The size may vary depending on the type of mud, the depth of the retouching process and the degree of firing.

Usage information: Liquid casting mud of suitable consistency is filled into the mold. When it reaches the desired thickness, the liquid sludge in the mold is discharged. The mud remaining in the mold and taking the shape of the mold is waited until it reaches the consistency to be separated from the mold (this time varies according to the type of mud, weather conditions and the frequency of use of the mold). With the help of a retouching knife, the overflowing part in the mouth of the mold is scraped and the part in the mold is removed by hand. After the leather reaches its hardness, retouching, lining, gluing, decoration and similar processes can be done.

Mold care: After use, the mold should be cleaned with a dry sponge. If possible, it should be dried in the sun and outdoors. Drying quickly in the oven, on the stove or similarly reduces the life and quality of the mold.

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