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ÇTR01 - Underglaze Orange 900-1200 Degrees ELEGANCE

ÇTR01 - Underglaze Orange 900-1200 Degrees ELEGANCE


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Underglaze Decorative Paint Orange 900-1200 Degrees ELEGANCE

Elegance Series: Underglaze decorative paint that can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius.


Code: ÇTR01

Firing Range:

900 - 1200 degrees Celsius


In the product image, the left side represents only the painted surface, while the right side represents the painted and glazed surface. When making color choices, it is important to consider the right side of the image. Please note that the colors displayed on screens may be misleading, and the results of underglaze paints can vary depending on factors such as firing temperature, clay type, and kiln conditions. It is recommended to perform a test before final use.


Underglaze Paint: Paints applied and then covered with a transparent glaze.

Tile Paint: Paints used in tile works, typically fired between 870-930 degrees Celsius. It can be used up to 1080 degrees Celsius, but color fading may occur after 930 degrees Celsius. Some light colors, like yellow, may fade. It is advisable to use it below 950 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic Paint: Paints used in ceramic works, fired between 900-1200 degrees Celsius. It provides a clear color up to 1200 degrees Celsius without fading or color distortion. Specifically, in ceramic clay and 1050-degree transparent glazes, "ceramic paint" should be used.

Which One to Choose:

Tile Clay + Transparent Glaze: You can use 1080 or 1200-degree paints.

Ceramic Clay + 950 Degree Glaze: You can use 1080 or 1200-degree paints.

Ceramic Clay + 1050 Degree Glaze: You can use ceramic paints.

All the products in our store are manufactured in our own workshop and are recommended with confidence as they are used in our activities. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding their usage.

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