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C3033 - Dip Wiping Sponge 30x40cm.

C3033 - Dip Wiping Sponge 30x40cm.


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Reform 3033 Seramik Dip Silme Süngeri, the sponge used to remove impurities, excess glaze, and imperfections on the surface of a ceramic product before glaze firing. It has fine pores that allow it to absorb a significant amount of water. To prepare the sponge for use, it is first placed in a shallow tray and filled with an adequate amount of water. The sponge is then used to glide over the areas of the glazed product that will come into contact with the surface, ensuring easy cleaning. Once the cleaning process of the glazed product is complete, the sponge is rinsed with water and can be used again. It is suitable for multiple uses.

There are two different sizes available: CM 3032 (4060cm) and CM 3033 (3040cm).
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