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C3004 - Bar Retouching Sponge 12x22x65mm

C3004 - Bar Retouching Sponge 12x22x65mm


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The Ceramila Iconic 3004 is designed to provide impeccable touch-ups in products that require fine craftsmanship and extra precision, particularly in round perforated forms where regular touch-up sponges cannot reach.

In the ceramic industry, especially for the final touch-ups of tableware and decorative items, you can confidently use it to rectify tight areas that standard sponges used for manual touch-ups on sanitaryware cannot clean effectively.

Its conical shape ensures a soft and flexible sponge with fine pores that won't scratch your product during the touch-up process. It is suitable for both dry and wet usage. The Iconic 3004 is designed for ease of use, allowing you to wet and squeeze it with one hand.

It is produced in dimensions of 12x22x65mm. Thanks to its special sponge formulation, it has a higher water absorption capacity than standard sponges. It is suitable for multiple uses.
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