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M62 - Mayolika Underglaze - Overglaze Decorative Paints - M62 Lavender - 100cc

M62 - Mayolika Underglaze - Overglaze Decorative Paints - M62 Lavender - 100cc


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M62 - Mayolika Underglaze - Overglaze Decorative Paints - M62 Lavender - 100cc

This is a decorative paint applied with a brush.

Overglaze application: An opaque white glaze is applied to the biscuit product, and the glaze is allowed to dry. Once the glazed surface is dry, the Mayolika decorative paint is applied with gentle touches. Afterwards, it is fired in the glaze firing kiln.

Note: It should not be applied as a third firing on top of a glazed product.

The M series can be used for both underglaze and overglaze applications.

Colors can be mixed with each other. They are prepared in liquid form in 100cc bottles.
The firing temperature is between 950-1180 degrees Celsius and can also be used on ceramic bisques.
Our Magic Blue (user-friendly for brushing and application) and Magic Rose (prevents sinking) additives are included in our facilitator series for Mayolikas. However, if the bisque glaze absorbs quickly, Magic Blue can be added.
In terms of user convenience, the basic color visuals for glossy solid color glazes in the M series and S series are the same. So, while decorating a cup with M54 for underglaze technique, you can achieve color harmony by glazing a fired white muddy cup plate with S54, without having to search for color combinations by browsing through catalogs for hours.
The ceramic medallions on the lids of the M Series boxes have been applied in 3 layers on clay fired at 1050 degrees Celsius. Depending on the darkness of the tone you want to see, use the medallion color applied by us as a basis for decreasing or increasing the number of glaze layers.
They have an unlimited shelf life.
They do not contain harmful substances to health.
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