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S00 - KEREMİKOO Flat Color Brush Glaze - S00 Opaque White

S00 - KEREMİKOO Flat Color Brush Glaze - S00 Opaque White


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KEREMİKOO Flat Color Brush Glaze - S00 Opaque White

Our Flat Color Glaze series (S Series) consists of glossy glazes with mostly transparent properties, prepared with a wide range of color options.

  • The result of the glaze can be seen on the ceramic medal displayed on the product packaging. The medal has been fired at 1050 degrees Celsius with three coats of glaze applied.
  • The firing temperature ranges from 1030 to 1080 degrees Celsius.
  • The glaze is in liquid form and weighs around 50-51 bome.
  • When applied in three coats, it achieves the image displayed on the ceramic medal on the packaging. As the number of coats increases, the color intensifies.
  • We recommend applying multiple thin coats rather than a single thick application.
  • Flat color glazes are not flowable.
  • They have facilitators included, making the application process smooth. However, if the biscuit surface makes the application difficult, it is necessary to moisten and remove dust from the biscuit product using a damp sponge.
  • By mixing different colors within the series, intermediate shades can be achieved.
  • The shelf life is indefinite.
  • It does not contain any harmful substances.
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