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EK053 Plaster Mold Elliptical Planter - Cup Mold 7.5x6cm

EK053 Plaster Mold Elliptical Planter - Cup Mold 7.5x6cm


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EK053 Plaster Mold Elliptical Planter - Cup Mold 7.5x6cm
(Ceramic - Porcelain Casting Mold - Plaster Mold - Planter and Cup Molds)

It is a ceramic casting mold used for production with liquid casting slip.

Model: Decorated Cup
Mouth shape: 7.5 x 5 cm (2.95 x 1.97")
Depth: 6 cm (2.36")

With the ceramic casting mold, you can easily create your own forms. You can perform various techniques on the cast pieces such as carving, incised carving (sgraffito), adding handles, piercing (ajour), deformation (creating ridges, warping, cutting, etc.), stamping letters, and similar processes. Using molds is a practical way to produce unique forms in a serial manner.

Eti Sanat ceramic casting molds are made entirely of plaster. Although molds can be prepared with cardboard plaster upon request, it is not recommended. Cardboard plaster molds have a shorter lifespan, higher error rate, and are difficult to touch up after use.

Note: The mold dimensions are provided. Changes in size may occur depending on the type of clay, depth of retouching, and firing temperature.

Instructions for use: Pour the appropriate consistency of liquid casting slip into the mold. Once it reaches the desired thickness, pour out the excess slip inside the mold. Allow the clay inside the mold to reach the appropriate consistency for detachment (this duration varies depending on the type of clay, weather conditions, and frequency of mold use). Use a trimming tool to remove any excess clay around the mouth of the mold, and then remove the piece from the mold by hand. After reaching the leather-hard stage, you can perform retouching, priming, handle attachment, decoration, and other processes.

Maintenance of the mold: After use, clean the mold with a dry sponge. If possible, let it dry in sunlight and open air. Rapid drying in an oven, on a stove, or in a similar manner reduces the lifespan and quality of the mold.

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