ECT08 - New Product! Ship Helm

ECT08 - New Product! Ship Helm

Model: Ship Helm

Model No: ECT08

Diameter: 21.5cm

You can produce by using vacuum mud in push and pull molds. If you want to work with chamotte mud, gently place the mud so that the chamotte grains do not damage the mould. If possible, do not use a hammer when placing coarse chamotte muds.

You can also use liquid casting mud in our push and pull molds. All of our squeegee molds are also made of molding plaster, which we use in our casting molds.

Therefore, it is also possible to work with casting mud. Our molds are handmade in our workshop in Mersin. We use quality molding plaster in its construction. The mold plaster we use is long-lasting and durable.

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